Supply Chain Management

proj manageSupply Chain Management

KeyTronicEMS's supply chain management team can be summed up in one word; responsive. From value analysis to overseas sourcing, managing materials is where we excel.  KeyTronicEMS collaborates closely with the customer, purchasing material according to the customer contract throughout the complete product lifecycle.

Our high volume purchasing levels and years of purchasing experience means that our customers will benefit from incredible buying power giving them advantages of economies of scale. KeyTronicEMS uses advanced supply chain management to additionally reduce total landed product costs. 

We leverage our factory presence in China, Mexico and Spokane for our customer's benefit in purchasing as well as manufacturing.  Our IPO (International Purchasing Organization) is co-located with our manufacturing facility in China.  In conjunction with our purchasing group in Spokane, materials are purchased worldwide to provide the lowest possible landed cost for each part or batch of raw materials. For example, about 60% of the materials consumed by our Juarez, Mexico facility are purchased in China by our China IPO.

Rigorous vendor qualification programs by our Supplier Qualification Engineers (SQE) ensure we procure only quality components.

proj manage

  • Qualify suppliers
  • Product inspection
  • Audit suppliers’ manufacturing and quality processes
  • Manage suppliers’ production and delivery schedules
  • Provide feedback on suppliers’ quality control, technical conformance and compliance

Our Electronic Data Interface practices give our customers a quick and flawless way of communication. KeyTronicEMS's global supply chain is built on one common I/S system, which is integrated into all facilities.  This ensures continuity throughout the manufacturing process and provides real-time access to information and reports.

Our commitment to Just In Time concepts means our inventories are kept under control, saving our customers money.  In addition, KeyTronicEMS offers our customers significant value-added materials management services in the areas of supplier selection, raw material management and component selection, planning, forecasting and cost reductions.

KeyTronicEMS's focus on customer communication and strong supply base relationships enables our customers to entrust us with the management of the entire supply chain, from design to delivery.