Keytronic is Receiving the Energy Benefits of Solar Energy through the Avista Solar Select Program

Keytronic Corporation is one of sixty of Avista’s commercial business customers through the Avista Solar Select Program that is receiving renewable solar energy to meet their sustainability goals.

SPOKANE, Wash. – December 10, 2018: Avista brings renewable solar energy to 60 of its largest customers today, through the Avista Solar Select program.

The Solar Select program is powered by 28 Megawatts DC or renewable solar energy, making this array the largest in Washington. Located in Lind, WA, the array will be comprised of 81,700 panels that span 200 acres and generate enough electricity to supply the equivalent of approximately 4,000 homes annually.

Solar Select, a voluntary commercial solar program created a cost-effective structure to bring solar energy to large business customers in Eastern Washington, allowing them to begin to meet their desired sustainability goals.

This program was made possible through a collaboration of Avista, Strata Solar, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, and the WSU Energy Program.

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