Craig Gates and Ron Klawitter Discuss Keytronic with Business Talks

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Audio from the June 5, 2013 broadcast

(From the Business Talks website)
Keytronic grew from its 1969 founding into the world’s top keyboard manufacturer within ten years. While you may still think of them as a keyboard maker, times have changed: Within three years of winning its first contract for electronic manufacturing services, in 1998 from Qualcomm, Keytronic’s electronic manufacturing revenue surpassed its keyboard manufacturing revenue.

Fast forward to 2013: Electronic manufacturing now represents 98% of company revenue. (Using a little research and an iPhone calculator, Business Talks projects Keytronic’s revenue for the current fiscal year will be approximately $350 million. We’ll have to ask Craig and Ron if that’s right.)

Keytronic is headquartered in Spokane, where it employs more than 200 people. It owns manufacturing facilities in China and Mexico. Last week Keytronic announced plans to acquire Mexican sheet metal firm Sabre Manufacturing, for $5.1 million. Keytronic today is strongly positioned to offer expert electronic manufacturing services to a variety of underserved markets and market segments.

Craig and Ron have both been with the firm for about 20 years, so they’ve been a part Keytronic’s reinvention. We’re delighted to have them join the program.

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