Over 40 YEARS manufacturing with over a quarter century overseas operations. Our heritage as an OEM means we understand your needs.

Craig Gates,
President and
Chief Executive


Executive sponsor for every customer, DAILY review of each program. Cost reductions through investments in location, equipment and technology.


World class pricing with next door service you can trust. Long-term customer relationships.

Douglas Burkhardt,
Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations


KeyTronicEMS has been an electronics manufacturer for over 45 years, with an unbroken string of profitable quarters since 2004. What started out as a successful OEM has transitioned into one of the most successful Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers in the industry today. We understand what you need from your electronic manufacturing service provider, because we’ve been an OEM like you. KeyTronicEMS has been manufacturing products overseas for over 25 years, first as an OEM, now as an EMS provider. You benefit from our global facilities, but still enjoy the benefits of dealing with a US headquartered company. Our customers are some of the world’s leading OEM’s.

We specialize in PCB assembly, plastic molding, precision metal stamping, fabrication and finishing, and full product assembly, with products ranging from simple consumer devices to complex, high-end commercial and industrial electromechanical products.