Injection Molding and Tooling


Manufacturing precision
parts for over 50 years

Keytronic injection presses mold parts in many different materials and colors. All parts are consistent in appearance, color and performance, guaranteed to produce superior quality and repeatability. 

Molding Machines

Single shot, Multi-material, Liquid injection, Robotics, Electric and Hydraulic

Blow Molding

Standard Intermittent EBM (Extrusion Blow Molding), Auto Material Handling, Regrind Capability, Secondary Operations: Routing, Flaming & Trimming, Materials: HDPE, PE

Process Monitoring Systems

Real time process monitoring systems gives us complete control throughout the manufacturing process.

First Article Inspection Lab

On-site, fully equipped, Critical dimensions inspected by QA every 2 hours

Tool Maintenance And Repair

Spokane or China based tool build, On-site tool maintenance and modification in Mexico, Spokane or El Paso

Central Cooling System

Closed loop process cooling water systems with up to 400 tons of cooling capacity, Closed loop chiller system with up to 210 total tons of chilling capacity, Automatic water management system, Mold Temperature Controllers

Centralized Raw Material
Handling And Drying

  • Vacuum conveyor system maintains plastic resin consistency
  • Central and local desiccant drying reduces lead time
  • Dedicated hopper loaders eliminate material contamination
  • Gravimetric or volumetric blending systems accurately disperse and mix up to three materials
  • Silo material storage system, loaded by rail or by truck, available for large volume programs
Keytronic Molding Machine
Turnkey Tooling

Turnkey tooling
and design

We provide complete turnkey tooling procurement and design from our headquarters, while the tool is built in the geographic location that best matches the tool to the abilities in that region. Focused on the lowest total cost, difficult, complex and lead-time challenged tools are designed and built in our United States headquarters, while simple, less difficult tools are built in China, supported by our local tooling engineers.

Tooling Technology

Pro-Engineer®, Pro-Mold®, Moldflow®, Pro-Manufacturing, Auto CAD®, SURFCAM®, Plotter, E-size, CADD's 5

Tooling Machinery

CNC Milling Machines, CNC Lathe Machines, EDM Machines, Manual Milling Machines, Manual Lathe Machines, Grinding Machines

Specialized Design and Fabrication

Prototype molds: steel/aluminum, Two color and two material molds, Hot runner molds, Single cavity molds, Multi cavity molds, Family molds, MUD Inserts

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