Supply Chain Management


responsive value analysis
to global sourcing

Our high volume purchasing levels, global supply base and years of purchasing experience means that our customers will benefit from incredible buying power giving them advantages of economies of scale. Keytronic uses advanced supply chain management to additionally reduce total landed product costs.

  • Centralized customer demand management

  • Centralized procurement/global supply chain

  • China IPO

  • Materials purchased to customer AML

  • High volume purchasing levels

  • Flexible supply chain solutions

  • Common ERP system in all facilities

  • MRP-based demand planning utilizing JIT release techniques

  • Dedicated Supplier quality team

  • In-house import/export and customs compliance

  • Component engineering. Silicon Expert for material life cycle and cost reductions

Supply Chain Management

Flexible Supply Chain Solutions

Keytronic can develop fulfillment solutions for both raw material and finished goods, designed to meet your unique customer flexibility requirements, through inventory stocking solutions

  • Supplier managed inventory program for electronic and custom raw material components
  • Proximity warehouse solutions in Juarez for major electronic suppliers (Arrow, Avnet, TTI, Future, Heilind)
  • On-site consignment model for raw material and FGs
  • Supplier 3PL hub in El Paso, TX for electronic and custom raw material components
  • In house stores

Lead Time Compression Strategy

  • Establish customer flexibility needs
  • Create component lead time profile
  • Develop solutions that focus on outliers
  • Raw material safety stock programs
  • FG safety stock programs
  • Present proposal to customer
  • Drive material into a fulfillment solution

Rigorous Vendor Qualification

  • Quality suppliers
  • Product inspection
  • Audit suppliers’ manufacturing and quality processes
  • Manage suppliers’ production and delivery schedules
  • Provide feedback on suppliers’ quality control, technical conformance and compliance

Supply Chain Services

  • Supplier selection and development
  • Material quoting and cost reductions
  • Demand management
  • Assure supply of material
  • Logistics
  • Supplier quality

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