Design & Engineering Support


Product development
at any stage

Keytronic is happy to assist your product design in any stage. We can work with your current product designer or marketing group, or just offer advice. Our team also specializes in the re-design of products to reduce cost.

Our services include a formal new product introduction (NPI) process, which includes development methodologies: FMEA and DOE, Design for Margin/Test to Failure, and Management Checkpoint Reviews.

Engineering Support

Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers are some of the best in the industry. We have years of experience in the design and production of complex electro-mechanical assemblies. Our engineers use the latest in computer aided design, with multiple seats of ProE and Solid Works. We have expertise in 3 dimensional data base and solid models

Electrical Engineering

We excel in design for manufacturability of electrical products including software, firmware, and PCA design. Our electrical engineers are experts in printed circuit board design and assembly utilizing the latest electronic assembly technologies such as chip on board and ball-grid array, as well as standard assembly techniques

Tool Engineering

Our in-house plastic tool design and build capabilities are unique in that we provide complete turnkey service for tooling procurement all from our Spokane, WA headquarters. Focusing on finding the lowest total cost for our customers means we build the tool in the geographic locations that match the tool to the abilities in that region. Difficult, complex and lead-time challenged tools are designed and built in Spokane. Simple, less difficult tools are built in China

Plastics Engineering

Our plastics engineering group is second to none. In addition to the standard design and design for manufacturability services to support our in-house and global tooling sources, we also offer state of the art software for mold simulation processes to facilitate a faster time to market with an accurate and dependable production tool

Metals Engineering

Our extensively developed engineering services includes precision metal stamping, fabrication and finishing utilizing industry standard design techniques. Our capabilities include stamping, punching, shearing, bending, forming, welding, as well as paint, powder coat, and e-coat. Our engineering staff can guide you through the basics of metal fabrication all the way through very complex and intricate finished welded assemblies

Prototyping Engineering

In order to meet our customer's aggressive time to market requirements, we staff experience model-makers from our in-house modeling facility utilizing; SLA, CNC Mill, lathe, paint shop and copper-clad PCB Mill

Manufacturing Engineering

The manufacturing engineers on our team support the production activities by taking full responsibility for; line layout, fixture design, picture specifications and process control plans. Our engineers specialize in transferring difficult processes from our customer's factories to our factories

Test Engineering

Test Engineering

The test engineering group at Keytronic is committed to world class test and tester designs deployed into operations to ensure the highest quality and maximize production and efficiency for our customers. We have the capability to design ICT, FCT and full product assembly testers

Keytronic Firmware

Firmware and Software Development

From small, simple product designs to complex and sophisticated algorithms, our engineering staff and contract resources can support the development on any level

Keytronic Automation

Automation Engineering

Automation engineers at Keytronic support our manufacturing operations. From small machining fixtures to large calibration and hands off automation systems, we have the staff and know-how to meet the high accuracy or high volume production where manual operations simply cannot support

Keytronic Product Design

Packaging Engineering

From small, simple product designs to complex and sophisticated algorithms, our engineering staff and contract resources can support the development on any level

Reliability Lab

Vibration Testing


  • Ling Dynamic Systems V730 vibrator
  • Data Physics Abacus Lite vibration control system
  • Data Physics Signal Star Scalar controller software
  • Ling Dynamic Systems Mk4a Amplifier


  • Random and Sine vibration: MIL-STD, ASTM, NEBS and customer specified profiles
  • Custom fixtures for a wide range of products
  • Four measure channels
  • Slip table and expansion head fixture foot prints
  • Shaker armature mounting plate for mounting directly to the shaker in the Z-axis

Transportation Vibration Testing


  • Lansmont Model 1800-5 Vibration Test System (electro-hydraulic)
  • Data Physics Abacus Lite vibration control system
  • Data Physics Signal Star Scalar controller software


  • Random and Sine vibration: ISTA, MIL-STD, ASTM, NEBS profiles
  • Custom fixtures for a wide range of products
  • Five measure channels
  • Transportation table fixture foot print

Mechanical Shock Testing


  • Lansmont Model 65/81 Shock Test System
  • Data Physics Abacus Lite Dynamic Signal Analyzer
  • Data Physics Signal Calc DropTest 710 analysis software


  • Half Sine and Trapezoidal shock
  • Custom fixtures for a wide range of products
  • Shock table fixture foot print

Drop Testing


  • Keytronic precision drop tester pneumatic actuated platform attached by a 3″ steel tube to a concrete floor


  • ISTA and NEBS standards
  • 12″ to 66″ drop heights
  • Provides an unassisted vertical fall to an unyielding surface

Mechanical Life Testing


  • Seven Keytronic Sinusoidal Testers
  • One Keytronic Pneumatic Tester (with LabView variably controlled cycle times)


  • Variable test speeds 3 to 12Hz
  • Custom switch force
  • Force and Displacement Measurements
  • Graphs and data spreadsheets
  • Custom fixtures for a wide range of products

Force, Displacement and Torque Testing


  • Tricor Model 921B force/displacement tester
  • Force gauges
  • Torque gauges


  • .001 to 50.00 lbs force measurements
  • 1 mm to 20 mm displacement range
  • Graphs and data spreadsheets
  • .01 oz in to 12 lb in torque measurements
  • Contact resistance measurements: 0 – 4 ohms / 1mΩ resolution & 0 – 1kΩ / 0.25Ω resolution

Environmental Testing


  • Four Thermotron model SMX-64 chambers 64 cubic feet of test space each
  • One Thermotron model S-8 chambers 8 cubic feet
  • One Thermotron model S-4 chamber 4 ⅝ cubic feet
  • Thermal shock chamber Russel TSV-2-5-5
    • Rate of air change: 20°C/Minute Average
    • (15″x15″x15″ sample basket, two adjustable or removable shelves)
  • One Thermotron SM-32C chamber 32 cubic feet


  • -73ºc to 177ºc with our SMX-64, S-8 & S-4 chambers
  • -65ºc to 200ºc with our Thermal shock chamber
  • 20% to 95% RH with our SMX-64 and SM-32C chambers
  • Chart recorders & strip charts

Legend Durability Testing


  • Three Keytronic Rub Testers


  • Rub rate: 2Hz (two cycles or 4 rubs per second)
  • Stroke length: .25 inches
  • Application forces: 50 to 500 grams
  • Custom fixtures for a wide range of products

Custom Fixtures and Fixture Modification


  • Bridgeport Mill
  • EMCO Lathe
  • DoALL Band saw 20″
  • Thor Turret Punch
  • Pexto Brake 36″
  • Pexto shear 36″
  • Pexto squaring shear
  • Drill Press, Grinder, Belt and disk sander


  • Machine shop
  • Sheet metal
  • Model building

Measurements and Visual Inspections


  • Deltronic Optical Comparator
  • Leica MZ8 Microscope with camera
  • AmScope Snap Shot Software
  • Weight scales, Height gauge, Calipers, Micrometers, Dial indicators, Pin gauges, Gauge blocks, RPM meter


  • Weight scales: 0 to 120 grams, 0 to 50 lbs
  • Height gauge: 0 to 24 inches
  • Calipers: .0005 to 24 inches
  • Micrometers: .00005 to 6 inches
  • Dial indicators: .0005 to 2 inches
  • Pin gauges: .011 to .500 inches
  • Gauge blocks: .050 to 4.000 inches
  • Tachometer: 2.5 to 100,000 RPM

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