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A unique blend of high caliber design,
engineering and manufacturing services

Our flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs and ability to provide a full range of product testing services have positioned Keytronic as a leader in the highly-competitive global design and manufacturing services marketplace.

We are one of North America's largest precision injection molding companies, capable of molding parts in any size, any volume and any material including multi-material products.

Keytronic Cyberoptics
Keytronic Markets

diverse markets
high quality products

Keytronic has over 50 years manufacturing experience serving a diverse group of customers and markets, manufacturing a wide variety of products.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Best in class technologies for all your PCBA requirements. 

Keytronic SMT

Accommodating your requirements for
volume mix and complexity

Our volume requirements range from low-volume complex, custom products, to high-volume standard products. Our lead times can be as short as one week for standard products.

Keytronic performs project management, design, documentation and artwork generation using the latest software technologies to produce the highest quality products. 

Our engineers can perform board layout from the customer's schematic and will perform a Design For Manufacturing (DFM), Design For Test (DFT), and cost reduction review. We can also modify any existing drawing to customer specification.

world-class injection molding
and tooling

Keytronic has been an industry leader in world-class precision plastic molding for 50 years. We excel in manufacturing precision parts for the computer, telecommunications, medical, consumer, industrial, automotive, aerospace and military industries.

With over 80 injection molding machines ranging from 30 tons to 880 tons, Keytronic has the capabilities to handle any product size or volume requirement.

Molding and Tooling

Metal Fabrication and Finishing

A more cost-effective approach while minimizing time to market schedules

Keytronic Metalshop

precision metal finishing
all in-house

Keytronic offers precision metal stamping, fabrication and finishing capabilities from our in-house metals facility.  Our full service metal shop can provide parts ranging from precision metal stampings to complex fabricated enclosures for telecommunications and gaming markets.

We currently provide products in the medical device, automotive, telecommunication, industrial and gaming markets.

Full Product Assembly

A complete manufacturing solution

Manual to automated
with accuracy and speed

Our extensive range of assembly services provides customers a complete manufacturing solution. From state-of-the-art global facilities to engineer supported trained employees and processes, the assembly results in superior manufactured products.

Our capabilities include electro-mechanical, electrical, mechanical and box-build assembly by highly skilled and trained employees who participate in certification programs assuring error-free assembly processes. Engineering and management teams are continually improving quality processes to maintain the highest levels of performance.

Full Product Assembly

Engineering Support

Assisting your product design at any phase of the development

Engineering Support

consistency from innovation
to deployment

Not only do we have the capabilities and skills needed to assist your product designers at any phase of the product development cycle, we also provide complete product design. We will work with a sketch from your marketing group, complete designs or even the last bit of DFM advice that brings the product to successful production launch. We are also experts at re-design for product cost reduction.

Our services include a formal new product introduction (NPI) process, which includes development methodologies: FMEA and DOE, Design for Margin/Test to Failure, and Management Checkpoint Reviews.

supply chain management
from design to delivery

Keytronic's focus on customer communication and strong supply base relationships enables our customers to entrust us with the management of the entire supply chain, from design to delivery. 

Supply Chain Management
Keytronic Quality Testing

the highest quality
and inspection standards

Our quality initiatives are integral to every phase of the process. Customized testing procedures are developed for each product and all necessary testing is done in-house ensuring the most stringent level of security, confidentiality and delivery requirements.

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